2 November 2023


Having dropped me off at Limoges airport last week, Nick set off on the two hour journey back home in the dark and the rain.  There were very few other vehicles on the road.

At about 10.30pm a hatchback car followed him out of Le Blanc.  It stayed behind him along the long straight then, on a narrow, twisting part of the road that has trees and the river on the left and overhanging cliffs on the right the car overtook him at speed.

A few moments later he rounded a bend to find a large rock in the middle of his carriageway.  It was about the size of a large loaf of bread, bigger than a brick.  He drove round it on the wrong side of the road, thinking that it was too big to drive over it, and kept going.  (My brother had done serious damage to his car a few years ago when he couldn’t avoid driving over a similar sized metal object that had fallen off a skip lorry right in front of him.)

A few seconds later the same car sped back towards him and drove by.

A few moments later the same car was behind him again, overtook him at speed and disappeared.