3 November 2023


Nick was a bit concerned about being left with Yvonne by himself while I’ve been back home  in England.  She seemed very happy around me but hadn’t really got to know Nick and was very wary of Hugo.

I'm happy to report that the situation is much improved.  She now comes into the living room and will sit happily on the sofa while Nick watches tv even though Hugo is close by.  Cat and dog even manage to pass each other on the stairs or landing (occasionally) without clashing.

It’s not perfect yet by any means.  She still protests and warns Hugo off if he gets too close or curious but I have to say that he has been an absolute star.  So well behaved and obedient.

The fact that he’s probably more terrified of her than she is of him probably helps!

The other good news is that a phone call from the vet in Loches this morning reveals that all is good following the blood tests we had done last week and that Yvonne has already been spayed.  


  1. Yvonne will set the boundaries for Hugo I think.... she'll set the agenda.
    And yes, Hugo is a star... there are so many dogs out there that would chase and lunge!!
    Perhaps learning that Nick is the other member of her catering staff, and is Hugo's as well, will allow everything to adjust gently!!

    1. Tim, I think you're right on both counts.
      Me being out of the picture for a while seems to have been a good move.

  2. Great news all round, may she settle in and live a long and healthy life. Cheers Diane

  3. good news indeed; watching cats settle is fascinating and often comical entertainment.