20 April 2012


We love being in France, everything about it, especially the food.  But every so often we start to think longingly about the things you can’t get so easily on the French side of the channel.

A full English breakfast.  So we had one, with a French twist – a full Franglais breakfast perhaps.

full english2 full english1

Bacon – French, very thick and smoked from SuperU - “poitrine fumée”

Egg – free range, fried, from the village butcher

Tomatoes – tinned, French

Sausage – a chipolata also from the butcher

Baked beans – Heinz, brought from England

Potatoes – not a traditional element but they looked nice – pommes risolées, from the freezer cabinet in SuperU.

All dished up with fresh white bread from the boulangerie and real butter.