3 September 2014


time to come clean1

Two days ago we signed the compromis de vente on this house!

Yes, it’s all the result of putting a cheeky little note in the letterbox.  We looked at the house in July and after that continued to see other houses, just to be sure.  Each one we looked at convinced us that this was the right one!

time to come clean

It has a proper kitchen.

time to come clean2

It also has a laundry room!

   time to come clean5

It has a lovely large sitting room with original beams.

 time to come clean4

It has a dining room.

time to come clean7

Upstairs there are only two bedrooms.  Exactly what we need.  Most of the other similar houses we had seen had been altered to make lots of small and pokey bedrooms in the same amount of space.  To have two lovely spacious bedrooms is just perfect.

time to come clean6

It has a bathroom with a bath!

time to come clean8

It has two cosy fireplaces.

It’s in “move straight in” condition – something we thought would never be possible! 

It has a good sized barn with plenty of room for all our stuff and vehicles.  There is also the almost obligatory “little house in the courtyard to do up”!  We may or may not do it up – we’ll see how things work out.  There is just the right amount of garden which is just grass at the moment – a blank canvas to plant with flowers or vegetables or not, as we like.

Ken of “Living the life in St.-Aignan” came along to assist in translation at the signing and afterwards we had a nice lunch with he and Walt, and the vendors, in Loches, to celebrate.

We will be moving in fairly soon so at some point things will go quiet on the blog, just like when we moved house in the UK.

This is it, our house hunting adventure is over and an even bigger adventure awaits us.  I keep pinching myself, just to make sure I’m not just dreaming!