6 March 2014


We put our house up for sale on 3rd March.

Incredible as it seems, we appear to have sold the house only two days after it went on the market!

I was certainly hoping for a quick sale, to get it over with before I lost my nerve, but I did expect it to take a few months, not just a few days!

The agent had had an enquiry from a couple looking for a house in our area and he told them ours was coming up for sale.  As soon as they had seen the photos they arranged to come and have a look.

Over the weekend we showed three other couples round the house, two of which were obviously the “just looking” type.  I was beginning to find the task of keeping the place immaculately tidy a bit of a chore already when the first couple came back for a second viewing and that was it !!

The curious thing is that my emotional attachment to this house, where I have lived for twenty nine years, seems to have vanished. We were both feeling nervous about giving it up, like finally throwing out a comfy pair of old shoes, but now we can't wait to pack up and move on.