17 April 2013



A door in Le Petit-Pressigny repaired using the lid of a tin.

I wonder what sort of tin it was – apple compote perhaps, or olives.  Maybe even tomatoes or beans.  But probably not Heinz baked beans, and almost certainly a long time ago.

This is only the second door I have seen repaired using a tin lid.  The other is in Le Grand-Pressigny, and that has been repaired using the lid from a sardine tin – you can see that from the fish shape impressed into the metal.

I suspect that these are not the only ones !!

7 April 2013


spot the difference

The agent’s photo of our back door, 2007.  This is the picture that was in the shop window.

To my absolute relief and delight I recently found a CD with the original immobilier’s photos from when we first viewed the house in 2007.

I have hunted for them many times in the last few years and thought they were lost forever.  I was very annoyed with myself for apparently having deleted them from the computer.

Then I was very pleased with myself when they turned up in a tidying-up of the study a couple of days ago. ( When I was hunting for something else, that didn’t turn up!)

spot the difference2 Our photo taken in October 2011.  Nothing has changed much since then.

I can’t explain why I felt it was so important not to have lost them.  They have no value, even though they’re interesting.  But having looked through them I am reminded that we have in fact made quite a few improvements to the house in the six years we have owned and loved it.

It was when we were standing exactly where these photos were taken from that we decided “this is the one”.

How many changes can you spot?  I think I can see six.  Plus one that is a change but you can’t tell from the first photo. (That’s a clue.)

(And the fact that the château does not seem to be peeping over the top of the kitchen in the second photo is to do with the angle the picture was taken, not a genuine change!  The château is definitely still there.  If it ever falls down, we’re in trouble !!)

Bon weekend !!

4 April 2013


It’s raining and rather grey here in Le Grand-Pressigny today.  Cold, too.  But for the previous four days we have had plenty of lovely sunshine.


This picture was taken yesterday.  It was sunny and warm enough to sit outside and have our lunch on the terrace.  For lunch we had some quiche and a slice of roast pork with a bit of salad, fresh bread and a glass of rosé wine.  For dessert we shared two éclairs from the boulangerie – one was coffee and one chocolate and we both had half of each.  In fact most of our lunch came from the shops in the village.

So although it’s raining today and we have spent the afternoon close to our wood burning stove, at least we have a few days’ sunshine under our belt at last.  It was lovely while it lasted and we made the most of it.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the rest of our stay.