20 November 2020



Our friends Bob and Alison have been staying in our house in France for the last four weeks while the renovation of their own house was completed.  

We're glad that the house has been occupied for a while and Alison sent me some photos.

 We have enjoyed being there at this time of year in the past.  The weather is always so much better than in our part of the UK.  Mixed of course, but generally brighter and less damp.  Of the winters that we have spent there the only really grim month is February.  But then February is grim almost everywhere!  

There are still plenty of leaves left on the lime tree and it has a new resident, a rather interesting fungus.

It's great to have these photos and to see that the place is still as lovely as we remember.  It does however rather torment us in that we wish we could be there ourselves.

The view through this cute little back window is delightful.  We no longer notice the multitude of electricity pylons that are everywhere!

How we wish we could be there!