20 June 2012


chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres9e

We spotted this château in a leaflet in the tourist office in the village and we had never heard of it before.  So on a beautiful sunny afternoon, off we went in search of it - Fougères-sur-Bièvres.

chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres9c

The outside is all windows, turrets, gargoyles and neat gardens.  A lovely old bell and clock sit over the entrance.  The bell chimed every half an hour while we were there.

chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres

Inside the courtyard the château is nothing short of delightful – multitudinous windows and archways on different levels, inviting the visitor to dive in and see what’s inside.

chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres9f chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres8chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres6 chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres5 chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres9 chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres9g

Anyone who enjoys taking photographs would love it here – everywhere you look there are little architectural features and angles just calling out to have their picture taken.

chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres9b

In the garden there is one of these.  I don’t know what you call it but it was fun to sit inside.

chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres9a

From the garden we could see this.  I have no idea whose house it is but I wouldn’t mind a snoop around it.

chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres9n chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres9m

chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres9k

chateau fourgeres-sur-bievres9p

In the village there is a lovely church to look around, a little park to sit in and have a picnic, and a bar serving snacks and drinks.

The sun shone brightly,  little clouds floated by and it was exactly the right temperature for a spot of sightseeing.  A perfect afternoon and I shall tell you all about the inside of the château in the next post.  It was wonderful, in a very French way !!