4 January 2010


Happy New Year, everyone.
Our little home in Le Grand-Pressigny on New Year's Eve.
I'll be back soon with lots to tell.


  1. It looks really cosy. I didn't realise you were there for the New Year. I'm so jealous!

    Incidentally Jean, which blog template do you use which enables you to add a photo to your banner...as yours does?

  2. Hi Ken, now that we have our log fire, half a new roof and a couple of doors and windows that fit properly it is a lot cosier than in winter 2007 !! We also invested in two more efficient electic radiators on the grounds that we are not there for long enough in winter to build up too massive an EDF bill.

    I have just checked and think I am using "rounders 3" template - it's the top RH one when you click on "choose new template". That allows you to add a photo from your computer but it saves a lot of faffing around if you cut one down to a long thin shape and save it for that purpose beforehand. (Not very technical terminology I know but then I know nothing at all about using computers.)

    PS we are snowed in again today. I went to work this morning and left to come home again at about 11.30, along with most other people in the town, I think. It took me 2 hours instead of the usual 20 mins. Nick got the train to Sheffield, turned round and came straight back again.

    Roll on spring.

  3. Jean, What a lovely place to celebrate New Year's Eve. You and Nick did a splendid job. I especially like the fluffy carpet on the floor. Oh sorry, that's Lulu :))!!

  4. Martine - she spent most of the week right there, on her blanket, in front of the fire !! Sensible dog.

  5. Lovely home! Happy new year!
    It is 77 F in LA today. I think it might be warmer because I saw a butterfly outside and I had to drive with my window open.

  6. Nadege - aaaaahhhh - how wonderful. I can hardly remember how it felt to be so warm. Lucky you. Happy New Year to you, too !