9 January 2011


I passed through L’Isle Bouchard recently and noticed that the river was very full and in fact seemed to have broken its banks. Between the two rows of trees there is usually a very nice pathway that we have walked often in the summer. 

DEC 2010 057

DEC 2010 062

DEC 2010 052

In this last picture the little dots are mistletoe. For years I thought they were birds nests but once when I got close enough I was able to see that the dots are masses of little branches of the mistletoe plant. It's a fascinating plant. According to what I heard on the Archers this week the Druids believed it had mystical properties. (Never believe anything you read in the newspapers or hear on the Archers !!)


  1. Last time I went to the lakes near us in the Charente they were so low that they were almost puddles. It will be interesting to see when I return if the rain has been enough to fill them up again. Diane

  2. I am hoping to wake up and find that Nigel's fall from the roof of Lower Loxley was only a dream!

  3. You'll need your golden sickle if you want to cut some....

  4. Gaynor... that was Dynasty!
    And Jean, you can believe somethings on the Archers... 'modern' Druids think that mistletoe has magical properties... as does Getafix!!

  5. The Archers???? Do they still have the same signature tune from the 60's, which was the last time I listened to them?
    I love the mistletoe photo, Jean.