18 March 2011



You can wander around the courtyard and admire the buildings, the trees and the flowers to your heart’s content, for free.



There are peaceful and shady places to sit to admire château or watch the world go by.  Actually, not much does go by, making it very peaceful indeed.


The new building above, and part of the old building, below, house the new museum.  There is a charge to enter and it is well worth the cost.




The view over the village from the château wall is spectacular.


It’s 4.5°C here in Derbyshire today -  spring has not quite got going yet. Our daffodils are still waiting for a bit of warmth to open them up.  Knowing that it is warmer and brighter in our little corner of France helps.  I think.

I could say “roll on summer” but we have spring in Le Grand-Pressigny to look forward to first.  I just can’t wait !!


  1. Lovely. Great photos as usual. I rather like the new section and its juxtaposition to the original.

  2. Next time when we are there for sure.

  3. Craig - thanks. It somehow works, although I had to get used to it.

    Leon - Perhaps I might be able to show you and Sue around myself - that would be good !!

  4. More lovely photos. The juxtaposition of very modern museum with ancient castle ruins reminds me strongly of the Scriptorial museum next to the castle in Avranches. The French don't seem to be afraid to put new and old together like this.

  5. We were only 4C when I went into town this morning but my daffodils have in fact opened.

    Looking at the above photos I realise why I love France :-)))) Had cassoulet tonight so am feeling good. Diane

  6. Superb photographs, Jean, and a wonderful view over the rooftops of the town.

  7. Love the mix of old and very new at the chateau.
    We've hit a grey patch but spring is coming along--our Japanese quince is looking pretty lovely.

  8. Hi there,
    I noticed that you are following my cooking blog, and I wanted to pop over to visit you too. Your posts on chateaus really interest me; I am a lover of France! I am very excited now to read through your old posts and I look forward to the future ones.

    These images are supberb.

  9. Perpetua - thanks. The French are quite brave with their architecture, I think.

    Diane - not long for you now !!

    Gaynor - thanks, we never tire of it.

    Antoinette - I just can't wait.

    Brittany - Thank you and welcome, I hope you enjoy your catching up. You might also like my baking blog: