10 June 2011


As requested, a few more photos of our afternoon at the Festival des Roses at Chédigny.

ched 4

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ched 2

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These were some of the beautiful hydrangeas that were on sale.

ched 7

ched 8

ched 6

I think I probably chose the best ones first time around but that’s the lot !!


  1. Those look great! Did you get any?

  2. Martine - we didn't buy anything. Our little garden in Le Grand-Pressigny is now fairly well stocked. I was also shocked at how expensive the plants were. Some of the roses were €30 or €40 each.

  3. They certainly got the timing right with everything in full bloom. I really like the first shot with the purple window.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful photos of the flowers. We may not get to France this year, so maybe your photos of Chedigny will have to tide me over till our next trip.

  5. What a pretty village, and those flowers were lovely. There is an air of tranquility about the place, probably helped by the scent of roses!

  6. Fabulous roses and hydrangeas. I'll bet the fragrance is wonderful.

  7. Super pics Jean. We didn't go to the festival this year, but last year I too found the roses very expensive. They were good specimins though.....

  8. That third photo is spectacular, I can just smell those roses. Diane

  9. P.S. On a good day I can spell the word 'specimen'!

  10. Chedigny is a pretty and peaceful French village. i had no idea there was a Rose Festival and would love to go next year.

  11. Gosh, that looks like such a beautiful place! I am glad you have shared your photos with us. Those flowers make that little village just picture-perfect