12 November 2011


On our last Sunday in Le Grand-Pessigny I heard a familiar roaring sound outside.  It was quite early in the morning, probably about 8.30am.


I was still in my dressing gown when I dashed outside with my camera, just in time to see a hot air balloon drifting towards our terrace.  I waved to the people in the basket and Lulu barked.

It passed low over the house and seemed to barely clear the château.  I scrambled into my jeans and dashed up the hill to see if it had landed behind the château but it drifted off into the distance, quite low over the fields.  In the quiet of a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, you could still hear the roar of the burners as it disappeared over the horizon.


  1. The last two photos are fab! I love your idea of 'quite early in the morning' too.

  2. Susan - when we're on holiday, mornings seem to start much later than usual !!

  3. When you are retired they start much later than that!!!!

  4. I love these photos. We seem to always get up much later in France. I think a lot of it is the darkness as we always shut our shutters at night.

  5. Lovely photos. When you're on holiday any time is the right getting up time :-)

  6. I love these photos. What a way to start your day. And I think 8:30 is more than "quite early in the morning." It's almost the middle of the night.

  7. Great pics - love to use the chateau/balloon pic somewhere if that's ok.

  8. C&E - I'm looking forward to that !!

    Diane - I do find the extra hour compared to the UK makes the mornings darker.

    Antoinette - we agree !!

    Mitch - me too !!

    Jim - thanks - help yourself.

  9. I like the photos and the last sentence in particular which reminds me of just how quiet it is in rural France.

    I usually start work at 8:00am when I'm in France, but now that the work is almost complete, I'm looking forward to having a lie-in up to 8:01am :)