20 December 2011


Looking back at our photo album, our stay in Le Grand-Pressigny in April this year was very floral.  The weather was exceptionally good, if I remember, too.

APR 2011 - a

Dinner on our little terrace, just an hour or so after we arrived for the first visit since the dark days of winter.

APR 2011 - d

Our Judas trees were in full bloom in April.  Such pretty flowers ~ it’s a shame they make so much mess later on.

APR 2011 - e This poppy was in Nicole’s garden, I think.

APR 2011 - fAnother bunch of flowers left on our doorstep by Mme André.

 APR 2011 - g

APR 2011 - h APR 2011 - i Some pictures of the glorious spring flowers in the park at Descartes.

APR 2011 - r 

Flowers in a container in the village square.

APR 2011 - zc

And last but not least, the climbing rose on our front wall was in full bloom to welcome us back to our little holiday home.


  1. I really needed that post instead of looking out at a grey sky and drizzle. You have cheered up the day, thanks Dane

  2. Hello Jean:
    In these dark, dismal days of winter, this is such a cheering post with all the promise of looking forward to Spring. Indeed, only this very day we were planning a trip with a friend in April to a Spring music festival in the Hungarian countryside. Happy days!!!!

  3. So uplifting. I can see why you love it there. I hope these beautiful images help you make it through often-dreary winter.

  4. Oh my goodness! Those photos don't half lift the spirit! Thanks!

  5. I was only thinking about spring today when out to feed the chickens.
    Actually I was thinking about all the work when things start to grow again, but so worth the effort. Thanks for reminding me.

    Have a great Christmas.

    Steve & Deb

  6. Jean,

    Lovely photographs and a wonderful taste of what is in store for you in 2012.

    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

  7. Having cleaned up the storm debris in the rain for the last three days, (and more of the same today)it was so lovely to see your flowers and some colour...merci beaucoup.


  8. A breath of spring is really welcome at this time of year. I remember that gorgeous poppy photo and I'm glad to see it again.

  9. Such gorgeous reminders of what was a fantastic spring. thanks, Jean.