10 March 2013



I took this picture exactly one year ago today, Sunday 11th March 2012.

We had been to London for our big day out on Saturday (to see Vincent and Flavia in Midnight Tango) and on Sunday the weather was glorious.  We had lunch outside in the sunshine.  (I rustled up a quiche from what we had in the fridge.)


This is how the weather is today, Sunday 10th March 2013.

So on exactly the same day, one year later, the temperature is colder by about 20°Centigrade.


Which sums up the one reason why I can’t get excited about snowdrops.  When the snowdrops are in flower there is always the chance of snow !!


So while everyone is getting excited and waxing lyrical about the snowdrops in their gardens, I almost ignore the clumps in our garden……….give me tulips any day.

When the tulips are in full bloom the winter is well behind us. 

Although here in Derbyshire I have known snow well into April or even May, but that’s just about as often as eating lunch al fresco in the middle of March !!

Have a nice Sunday and of course, Happy Mother’s Day !!


  1. Oh how I would love to watch Vincent and Flavia live, they are superb dancers.
    As for the weather we are also fed up though we have not got snow. 15C today, but due to drop a lot in the next couple of days with thunderstorms. I have known frosts her in May so nothing surprises me any more! Have a good week Diane

    1. Hi Diane, 15°C sounds really nice to me!
      Just to make you even more jealous, we are going to see them again next month, in Nottingham! It's their last tour, allegedly.

  2. What happened to spring? Cold with flurries here too. Hopefully you'll get some decent weather on your trip to France soon, or perhaps even here before you leave (or would that be too much to hope for?)

  3. When I lived in Chicago Tulips were always at risk for late snows and frosts. Daffodils were more hardy. Tulips are also hard to keep away from squirrels ; i used to plant the bulbs with nasty things to discourage the rodents.

  4. Wasn't it cold yesterday? At 6am today it's still freezing.

    I remember that warm spell we had last year. Even a little bit of sun would be an improvement on the grey mist of the past week.

    As you say, now less than three weeks...

  5. Oh, my heart goes out to you. I remember those "New" England winters. By March, I was always ready for it be over.

  6. The flowers in the house are always a nice reminder of better weather to come.

  7. People around Saint-Aignan talk about a May -- yes, May -- 10 snowstorm they remember having here. I'm not sure what year it was, but these are people younger than I am.