9 October 2013


August 2013-3 193

So after a very disappointing start to the year – rather an understatement – the summer came good after all.

Even in the UK we have enjoyed the best summer for years.  Sadly it’s almost as though someone flipped a switch on 2nd October and we said an abrupt farewell to summer and hello to autumn, with chilly days, rain and wind.

However, back here in the Loire, we are hanging on to summer for just another few days.  The weather is due to change to become cooler and more autumnal tomorrow, allegedly.  Today, after a shaky start, the sun came out and we ate lunch on the terrace once again. 


Anyway, this recipe is a good one for all those friends in the Loire who are wondering what on earth to do with a huge tomato harvest this year.  Lucky things, for even though the summer was half decent in the UK, we have not done well for tomatoes, even in the greenhouse.

So if you are not truly sick of tomatoes yet, try this recipe.  It’s called “airport potatoes” but could just as easily be called “airport tomatoes”.  You can read all about it here.  Only then will you find out what an airport has to do with it !!


  1. I'll see what tomatoes we've got left!!
    But I think we've licked [sorry, lucked] out on this for this year...

    Pauline's baking a cake that includes our knuts and appfellz...
    so come and try some!!

  2. Made a note of the recipe as have the last lot of tomatoes sitting on my table in the kitchen slowly over ripening because I am all done out with processing the tomato harvest! So, bless you, am going to head towards this recipe for lunch tomorrow, after which the tomatoes will be done until next year!

    1. Vera, if you like boulangère potatoes (or similar) - and tomatoes - you should enjoy this.

  3. We still have a lot of green tomatoes on our plants, think looking at today's weather I had better bring them in!! Have a good weekend Diane

  4. I almost swooned to see this.

  5. Wow! Imagine that being served at Rome Airport!