3 June 2014


at last

Thirteen weeks after we accepted the offer on the house we have at last exchanged contracts and we’re on the move.  It has, as it was always bound to, turned into a mad scramble at the end. 

at last2

at last3

So on Saturday they took away all the furniture and other stuff destined for our new home in France, wherever that might be.  Goodness only knows when we will see it all again!

I was fascinated by how they did it.  The huge removal van had inside it several large crates.  Doors in the side of the van were opened to access each crate and the men loaded things in so that every space was filled.   Each item was carefully noted on an inventory and the door to that crate was then closed. 

at last4 

The van was then moved forwards a few feet so that another crate was positioned at the entrance to the drive

at last5

With everything carefully loaded the van headed off back to the warehouse where the crates would be removed by a fork lift truck and stored.

We now have to finish boxing up the rest of our belongings before next Saturday when that will be removed in a similar way. Loading it up should be a quicker job as we have no furniture left except the beds and garden chairs! 

We then have Sunday June 8th to clean up the house ready for its new owners and on June 9th we get the keys to our new house, which is all of four miles away.

We're downsizing to this one.  It's cute but small!  Perfect for short stays back in the UK.

So that’s it!  Contracts are signed and exchanged.  Most of our furniture and belongings are in a warehouse somewhere in Yorkshire and in under a week we will be living in a house less than half the size of the old one. 

The first leg of our grand plan (to downsize here and upsize in France) is at last under way.  There’s no going back now and finally we can get on with the rest of our lives.  It might only be thirteen weeks since we accepted the offer on our house, but the idea has been in our heads for years.


  1. Hooray! You're on your way! Those removal men are remarkable to watch. Just don't leave a pumpkin around where they can pack it into a box, the way we did. The very best of luck with the move. You may find that someone near you has unsecured wifi you can "borrow" - there's someone near us who has! P.

  2. Congratulations. Can't wait to see you here again.

  3. All good wishes for the move - hope it goes well, and that Lulu doesn't get too confused! 'Bonne chance' also for finding exactly the right place in France, soon. Meanwhile your blogging presence will be missed - hope it's a very short time until you're back! Prayers and blessings.

  4. Gosh, that's a neat way of putting your belongings in store, Jean. Good luck with the rest of the move and here's to successful house-hunting in France before long.

  5. Good for you! Next stop? France, of course. Good luck with the rest of the move. Which shouldn't be a problem, because those movers look and sound very efficient and professional. Looking forward to your next post (when you get the internet going) with photos of the new house. Martine

  6. Well done. Coordinating the moves has been quite an achievement. We are sure it won't be long until you turn your new house into a lovely home.
    So, step one and two are nearly complete which means you can look forward to achieving your dreams. Xx

  7. Exciting! Those movers are much more efficient than ours were. What a great start.

  8. Three cheers! Moving can be so stressful, but it's also very exciting.

    1. Walt, last night we drank our very last bottle of Loire Valley wine. We thought we had enough to last until our next visit to France.
      That's how stressful it has been!
      Still, at least it's less stuff to pack into a box!

    2. You'd better get back over if you've run out....
      although Loire Valley wines are still available in Morrisons...
      but so much more expensive!!

  9. At last! Great news and a new life around the corner. Enjoy the experience.

  10. Incidentally Jean, are you planning a 50/50 split between England and France?

    1. Ken, something like that for the first couple of years, we think.
      We'll see how it goes.

  11. Quite simply Jean - Congrats.
    PS: you'll have no room for your vinyl blues records so save them for me. LOL!!!

  12. Great news that all is going through OK. We are away for a bit now, back beginning of July so will catch up then. Take care diane