7 January 2021



On a blisteringly hot Saturday in August 2011 we had arranged to meet some friends in Preuilly-sur-Claise to watch something called the "Comice Agricole".  It's a kind of countryside and agricultural parade and usually starts early afternoon.  We thought we'd make a day of it and pop into a restaurant in town for lunch beforehand.

The interior of Le Twenty was like hundreds of traditional small town restaurants we have found all over France.  Something like a cross between somebody's front room and an old fashioned country hotel.  As it turned out they only served pizzas and, if I remember correctly, a few other basic pasta dishes.

I remember that on that Saturday lunchtime we happened to be the only diners and that the dessert menu was like a book of lovely artwork to browse while waiting for the food. 

Being full of pizza we didn't stay for dessert and vowed to come back for it another day.

The main menu was a work of art, too.

The general ambience was homely, comfortable and unfussy.

We enjoyed our pizza and stepped out into the sunshine to wait for the parade to start.

The parade was an amazing spectacle.  Fabulous costumes and music from distant regions of France.  Goodness knows how the dancers managed without collapsing in the heat, some of the costumes being hot and heavy to wear.

We intended to go back to Le Twenty but time drifted on, like it does, and we never did.  One day I glanced in its direction as we drove along Grande Rue and saw that it was closed.  One of the restaurants we have lost, and it still remains closed today.


  1. Yes we remember it well Jean is was very very HOT and those kids in the fur jackets must have melted!! We did just standing there!! Heck 10 years ago this summer, where did that go?

    1. I could hardly believe myself that it was ten years ago, until I went on my customary January browse through old photos!