25 February 2021


Outdoor dining at the château de Brézé.

Picnic tables at the château de Candé

Take the weight off your feet, Château d'Islette style.


Picnic table chez nous.

All set for a spot of alfresco dining with friends last summer.

Will Boris's plan for the lifting of all restrictions by 21st June become reality?
Will the French have opened their borders to allow us in?

We've bought a new gas BBQ and a fire pit for the summer here, just in case.


  1. Dear Jean,

    All of these look wonderfully welcoming and inviting, especially your table, set so beautifully.

    It seems foolhardy to us to name a date for anything at the moment where the situation seems to change hourly. Nevertheless, good to be prepared, just like Boy Scouts for when the all clear finally sounds!

    1. Hello Jane and Lance, you're right, there are too many variables. We are prepared for all eventualities, summer here or, given the go ahead, we'll be off like a shot!

  2. With the way the French are vaccinating it could be next year and Macron is now talking about a "pass sanitaire" for the opening of cultural places and restaurants!!! BUT not a vaccination passport?? We are hoping to get over later this year so fingers crossed as Angela says Who Knows... Stay safe.

    1. I was reading about that this morning. In the village there are plenty of people entitled to a vaccination and willing to have it, and some vaccine available, but no appointments to get it!
      It does however more or less conform to the way things are often organised locally, in my experience!