17 June 2021



Since we were able to think about making firm plans to go to France this summer I have felt positively energised.  Buoyant in fact.  Which is just as well as there has been a lot of stuff to organise.

Crossing booked with Eurotunnel, midweek so that we can shop en route - tick.

Vet appointment for Hugo booked, to get his Animal Health Certificate, timing critical as it has to be dated within a ten day slot before travelling - tick.

Covid tests appointments booked , timing very critical, as they have to be done within 48 hours before travelling - tick.

Documents printed out and compiled - Covid vaccination records, French Engagements sur l'honneur, Eurotunnel Declarations - tick.

Travel insurance policy to cover 90 days and amber listed countries organised - tick.

Care and support put in place for Dad while we're away - tick.

Tasks remaining.

Order dog food to be delivered chez nous as we're not allowed to take any into France.

Rearrange UK house insurance to cover for 90 days' absence.

Print out travel insurance policy and put EHICs in travel folder.

Order number plates for the car and trailer for taking a different car.

Write an inventory of items we're taking with us, the max allowable value being 300€ each.

Amount of time taken so far in organising all the above, hours and hours.  Days in fact.  Much of it is over and above what was required PB and BC (pre-Brexit and before Covid).

It will be worth every second once we're there.


  1. Yay! If you haven't ordered the woofyfood.... do you want to get it delivered here... that will ease timings.

  2. Bon courage...it will all be worth it!
    * the comment was longer, but I inadvertently clicked on 'sign out' instead of 'publish'!

    1. That's something I do myself, regularly!