7 August 2023


Last weekend was a good one for brocantes.
The ones at Barrou and Paulmy are two of my favourites.

Both are in lovely settings and a good mix of stuff.
Not just kids' clothes, toys and worn out old boots.
Although if you need toys and kids clothes it's a very good way to shop.

The weather is usually blisteringly hot but this time it was perfect.
If it's too hot I usually leave early.  The cooler weather meant that I could linger for longer.
Good for browsers and brocanteurs.
(Although one lady said she had lost a lot of her customers since Brexit as stuff can no longer be taken back to the UK without a load of paperwork.)

At Barrou I bought this lovely serving plate and some Weck jars.
The jars are good for individual baked puddings (I have a recipe in mind).
The lids also make good wine bottle coasters.

In Paulmy I bought this cute set of weights for my outdoor table cloth.
To stop it blowing away in the breeze.

Total spend for the whole lot 7€.

This morning it was nice to see the sun again and to feel a little of its warmth on my back.
Hugo enjoyed his walk around the lake at La Celle Guenand.

On our return I glanced at the veg plot as I pulled into the drive and saw a flash of red.
A 520g tomato.



  1. Wow that tomato is big. I love brocantes but we never go to any as walking for Nigel is difficult, and on uneven ground even more so. Guess it saves me money though!! Like the weights. Cheers Diane

    1. Our tomatoes are doing really well this year. Thinking of ways to use them is proving to be a challenge!

  2. I love those Weck jars, I first saw them in Copenhagen and now have something of an obsession. Before we left Italy the local green group were trying to get a little car boot type market started but as far as I can see it only happened once. The Italians just don’t seem to embrace second hand.

    1. The French REALLY embrace second hand. It's baffling to see some of the stuff they bring out in the hope of selling it. Used draining racks, bits of wallpaper, used floor tiles and electric sockets. It all gets stored away and comes out once a year for the village brocante.
      The other baffling thing is how they find the space to store it, which tells me that most French houses in the countryside must have large barns full of discarded stuff as well as the original boxes it all came in. Well worn shoes in the original box is not an unusual sight and all electrical goods come in their box!

  3. Think I need to move my greenhouse across the Channel - my tomatoes are plentiful and large but still stubbornly green and that despite being under glass.

    1. This was our experience of trying to grow veg in the UK. Green tomato chutney is not my favourite!

  4. Do you get unwelcome comments? Oh Gawd, could some of them have been mine? I have a tendency towards facetiousness and self-promotion. I must get myself to a monastery (even though Hamlet suggested a nunnery) and learn how to be serious.

    1. Roderick, your comments are always entertaining and never unwelcome!
      There is one person who clearly reads my blog regularly and as soon as I switch off comment moderation leaves a nasty comment. Rather sad.