7 July 2024


 Light at the end of the tunnel.

This picture was taken at the Abbeye de Bois Aubray on an unusually hot day in June. More about that later.  It was taken just before I returned to the UK for one of our regular customary checks on the house and catch up with family.  I had timed the visit so that I could vote in person for myself and as proxy for Nick.  This election was too important to risk a postal vote.

I will soon be on my way back to France with a lighter heart and a sense of hope.  The feelings of impending disaster, frustration and helplessness have lifted.  I feel Britain is now in safe hands and not those of a bunch of self serving elitist incompetents.
Read Tom Stephenson's blog.    His last sentence on 6th July says it best.

We are now entertaining our third set of visitors.  Normal service will be resumed once we’re back on an even keel, beds changed, washing dried on the line….


  1. I echo your sentiments and we did the same, returning from travels on Thursday to make sure we voted in person.

  2. Thank you for making sure you voted! I feel I can breathe again.

  3. I hope your sentiments are right. France voting has changed things a bit as well!!!! Take care you two, Diane

  4. I hold onto hope even in the darkest moments.