3 August 2010


Eating out is something we really enjoy when chez nous and luckily we are surrounded by plenty of good restaurants. In July we visited the "Auberge du Pont Neuf" at Cussay. This had been recommended to us by several people including our neighbour, Mme André.

  Getting there was easy, although we had to compete with agricultural vehicles for our share of the road several times. It was that time of year, I suppose.

We took advantage of the lunch menu which was very reasonable. I confess that I can't remember exactly how reasonable but suffice it to say, somewhere around 16 euros for three courses and some wine. It was an incredibly hot day, during the heat wave the first week of July. So we decided to sit indoors. We were rather lonely, being the only table occupied indoors, but we were very cool and comfortable. People that chose to dine on the pavement outside were not so cool, I think, although plenty of umbrellas were provided for the tables. I sometimes think that an umbrella intensifies the heat, even though it provides shade.


For starters we had a plate of charcuterie and salad. It was lovely and very well presented.

For main course we both chose the duck. I think we both got one half of the same carrot !! The duck was also delicious.

There was no cheese course on that menu but a choice of desserts and we both chose the fruit salad - must have been feeling virtuous that day. It was lovely.

We will definitely be going again.


  1. Gosh that looks good, so beautifully served. I am surprised though no cheese course, I have never eaten out in France without cheese. Diane

  2. Diane - the menu we chose didn't have a cheese course but it was the exception. Being a pudding lover myself, I was happy to sacrifice the cheese on this occasion !!
    And I love cheese, too. In fact I just love food. But there is a limit to how much I can eat at lunchtime.

  3. Looks and sounds really good Jean.
    Another one for me to write down in my little book!
    Did you have a good weekend at Le Grand-Pressigny?

  4. Gaynor - I would recommend it. And yes, I had a great time...there will be something in the blog about it shortly.....!!

  5. It should be unlawful to put something this good on a blog, when the rests of us don't get to taste it.

    Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you enjoy a trip there again.

  6. Looks tasty and inviting! I'll have to write the name of this place down.

  7. Hi Jean
    Glad you had a good time in LGP. Welcome back. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. The food looks very tempting. We don't often eat out in France as I usually work long days, but I'm going to make the effort this time round.

  8. My dear friend the 'old biddie' of 'an old biddie's life' blog - took me to her local restaurant and I was astounded to find such a treasure of a place!
    By the photographs, it looks as if your place matches up to it!
    Why do I live in a culinary desert!

  9. I'm sorry that the Auberge du Pont Neuf is so far from Saint-Aignan. Looks delicious.

  10. That looks like a great place and bet you had a great time with a delicious meal.

  11. The restaurant and the food look wonderful. I love those traditional restaurants that are so much a part of rural France.