10 August 2010


All the faces were photographed in Montrésor, a lovely picturesque village in Touraine, about 17 km east of Loches. This was my third visit and I have never been in the middle of summer before. It was quite busy with tourists but still magical.

  The first face was on a gate to a cave under the back of the château. Maybe it was used for storing wine at some stage, or still is. Who knows. There were several interesting doors and gates into the walls under the château.

There are pretty cottages everywhere.

I didn't actually see anyone wearing clogs.

I loved this gentleman's rather natty jumper. In fact he was very sweet and helped us when we took a wrong turning and had to turn around in a less-than-ideal place. He had a lovely smile.

And this is the home of the virtual pig who looked very real from a distance.


  1. Great photos, this looks like a nice place to visit. Diane

  2. A friend and her husband, who were visiting me last week, said that Montresor was one of the nicest places they visited. We haven't been there since 1991 when we brought our caravan to the area. Another 'must do' for my little book!

  3. Montrésor is one of our favourites. The picnic tables on the island in the river are superbly situated.

  4. I wonder how that shopkeeper earns a living if no one wears clogs?
    Lovely place.

  5. Delightful views; intriguing place.

  6. You brought back memories of our visit to Montresor and Ken & Walt.
    Check out the linl - I hope it works for you.
    Isn't just the perfect place.


  7. I should have recognized it. Shame on me. I've been there so many times.