28 September 2010


Earlier in the year I wrote here about our encounter with processional caterpillars in Le Grand-Pressigny. Since then some measures have been taken to control the population of these creatures. They are a real nuisance and indeed a danger to pets and young children.


Right next to the place where we saw them at Easter, there is now this poster illustrating what the problem is and what is being done about it.

Sacs of some fluid that attracts the male moths now hang from the trees where the empty nests still are. These sacs will be there from June to October and the idea is that the male moths are trapped, reducing their numbers.

When we were here in April, this nest was literally dripping with caterpillars. I'll let you know what happens next year !


  1. Chris and I were debating earlier in the month about what these bags might be for - we obviously did not see the sign or it was not there. Thanks for solving the puzzle Jean, let's hope it works.


  2. oooh big spiky beasties. yuck. I like the inventive way of stopping them breeding.

  3. They are extremely dangerous to humans and animals! I never knew about them until after doing internet research, having encountered them on a walk, taking photos of the magnificent nose-to-tail caravan.
    The bag-device is interesting.

  4. They look a lot like our "Tent Caterpillars." Fortunately, ours are not poisonous!

    I do hope they get the matter cleaned up, and that Lulu has no more upsets with them.

  5. Jean, We had an invasion of these critters in Belgium too; mainly in the pine tree woods in the north-eastern part of the country. Usually the firebrigade deals with them. I don't know of any preventive mesures, though. These bags seem like a good idea. I hope they will be effective.

  6. Horrible things!
    I forgot to look out for them last month. Must make a note for next time.