5 October 2010


Early in the first week of our August holiday, we went for a ride to La Corroirie, on the road north of Loches towards Montresor.

It felt really good to be on the motorcycles again. The only hiccup was that they had been standing out in the rain for a while the previous day and water got into the seat of my bike through the stitching along the seams of the seat. The water then came out again when I sat on it, resulting in a damp posterior on what was otherwise a lovely warm and sunny day. I was not complaining though, the seat on my new "baby Harley" was exquisitely comfortable.

La Corroirie is a 12th century fortified farming complex including a chapel. If you would like to read more, Ken of Living the Life in St-Aignan wrote about it here. It now offers B&B accommodation for guests. It's a fascinating place and well worth a visit.


After our photo-shoot we continued our road trip through many of the lovely villages that we were already very familiar with, then home along the quiet back lanes. The weather was perfect for motorcycling - dry and sunny and not too warm. It was absolute bliss. By the time we got home we had done 125 kilometres and I had enjoyed every minute.


  1. What a lovely way to view the country side on a Harley :-) I view on my bicycle but distance is limited. The hills also are inclined to get in the way! Diane

  2. That sounds like a fantastic time. As for Montresor - seeing the name made me recall the lovely morning we spent exploring the chatea and the pretty village. It might have been one of the smallest chateaux we went to but it was one of the most charming.