13 January 2018


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Nick flew into Limoges on the same plane that took my friend back to the UK at the beginning of March last year.  With his arrival came a welcome improvement in the weather and some sunshine.

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It was certainly chilly at first but it was such a relief to see the sun.  Daisy was pleased to see Nick back home too.

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The village was looking at its best in the early spring sunshine and we enjoyed taking our regular walks, although of course we were still missing Lulu.

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After a long and dismal winter a walk around the village in the crisp and cold sunshine always makes my heart sing .  The feeling is the same as in the very first years when we had the little cottage at the foot of the château.  It never fades and I still occasionally have to pinch myself and can’t believe how lucky we were to stumble across this lovely place and to own a little part of it.

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Things have evolved and changed around us, gradually over the years.  Last March, with all the year ahead of us, my heart was bursting with a mixture of pride and excitement at the thought that this is where we live and how much we had to look forward to in the coming months.  Even though it was nearly ten years, it could have been just yesterday that we made that first walk around the village and through the grounds of the château and thought “wow, this place is really special”.

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Looking back at last year’s photos makes me realise that we had a great year and I should really have shared more of it in the blog.  I’m hoping to make up for that in the next few posts!

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  1. I really enjoy your photos, so please keep them coming. Very different to my home in Australia!