19 September 2020


Our period of quarantine is passing quickly.  We're four days in so far, only ten days to go and plenty to do at home.  Nick has been tidying the garden, cutting the grass and trimming overgrown plants.  We have jigsaw puzzles on hand for if we get bored and have spare time on our hands.  I intend to sort my neglected stamp collection and bring it up to date.  Nick has some DIY jobs to do; doors to paint, light fittings to change.

The weather is amazing.  You would never know that we are already past the half way point of September.  The autumn equinox is just around the corner but we have had a bbq at lunchtime today, hanging onto the last of the summer.

We're missing France already.  September is our favourite month to spend there with the warm days yet cooler nights.  Normally we would stay until the end of October or early November, then finally closing up the house and returning for the winter. 

It could be a very long winter this year.


  1. Now I would never have thought of you as a stamp collector.... Nick, yes, but you?
    Anyhowz... you know our thoughts are with you both, and all our other friends forced to move back to poor Old Blighted!

    1. Tim, stamp collecting is a lot more exciting than you might think!
      What a year, eh?