26 April 2021



Fancy shoes for sale at the monthly market in Lencloître, 2nd September 2013.

Made more for sitting than for walking I think!

I'll be walking into the vaccination centre today for my second dose of the AZ vaccine.  Most of our friends in France have now had at least one dose so things are inching forwards over there.  Fingers and toes crossed that we might make the September market in Lencloître this year.  The July or August one might be a little too much to hope for.


  1. Oh my goodness, I’d fall off those for certain!

  2. Used to like going to the monthly market at Lencloître... You could buy almost anything there...

    1. I remember our first visit, the day we met you there. We were pretty amazed at the size of it and the amount of stuff for sale! You have given me an idea for a blog post too!

  3. Really hope you folks will get to enjoy your French home for as many months as possible this year. The tide is turning, as we all get vaccinated and have less to fear.