29 October 2021



Our friends Chris and Gail had spotted a flyer for the evening market at Angles-sur-L'Anglin in late August and invited us to go with them.  It was one of those typical events of the rural towns and villages we have come to love.  No charge to park the car and no entry fee.  Just arrive, wander and enjoy.

The weather in August had so far been a bit hit and miss, not as hot as we would expect for the time of year.  We were thankful for that on the whole, yet were somehow missing the heat.

On this particular Friday evening, it was perfect.  The sun had shone all day and the evening was warm and heady with the fragrance of summer flowers everywhere.

Angles is always good for a stroll around.  We first went there in 2007 during our first house hunting tour of the region.  That would have been almost exactly fourteen years to the day.  Goodness, how time flies.  Where does it go?  I remember that we thought how beautiful the place was, contributing to our feeling that it would be great if we could find somewhere to live in this region.

There was little folk band working its way round the town, moving on to the next spot and starting their repertoire of tunes all over again.

There are dozens of little higgeldy-piggeldy quaint cottages around every corner in Angles.

The umbrellas were all out on this beautiful summer evening.

There was a mysterious feature or artifact to ponder here and there.

The view from the upper part of the town over the river Anglin is fabulous.

In Angles there is an abundance of quaintness everywhere.

Not all the houses are crumbling, humble cottages.  Some are for the more well heeled.

The ruined château sits at the highest point overlooking everything.

The poo bag dispenser (a recent acquisition I think) sits on a wall opposite the memorial to fallen soldiers.  Anything that helps the war on dog poo is very welcome.

One can ponder what this building might have been.

And what was behind these old doors.

 We claimed one of the empty tables at the first restaurant we passed and decided on an early dinner.  There were a lot of visitors and not many places to eat.  By the time we had ordered most of these tables were occupied.

The light was fading as we finished our meal but the market was still in full swing.

A stroll through the ancient streets after dark presented a whole new perspective on life in an old medieval town. 

Bon weekend !!


  1. Beautiful! As you say, these local events in smaller places are the best.

  2. yes, these photos convey a charming slowed-down past time. Lovely !