16 December 2021



Well it looks like our plans to return to France for a couple of weeks just after Christmas are thwarted yet again.

With the Omicron variant running rife in the UK I'm not surprised that France has introduced restrictions for visitors from this side of the English Channel.  For maximum impact they start this weekend, in two days' time.

 I was expecting it, glad that our plans were not to be there for Christmas itself and having to make last minute cancellations.  Although disappointed I don't feel as bereft as at this time last year.  

We could have coped with all the testing and the self isolating when we get there but the real stumbling block is the "imperative reason for travel".

I'm not sure that "need to sweep up the leaves from the grass" would cut it.
Nor would "desperate to get back now that our Schengen 90 days has clocked over".

This is becoming monotonous and once again we question whether owning a house in France is a worthwhile and sensible thing to do.

I know that once we do get there all such thoughts will be swept from our minds.


  1. Keep well, keep safe - and hope that before too long you can get back!

  2. Alas I am not surprised to hear this.
    I am glad though you/others are doing less traveling for prudence sake.
    May your holiday at home be OK