11 March 2023


News from chez nous is that our new gateposts are in, the hollow structures now filled with concrete that needs to go off before the lovely new gates can be hung.  They are also tied together with the footings between them so they should stay vertical!  I can't wait to see them.

Here in the UK there was a good 6" of snow overnight on Thursday.  The sky was a brilliant blue and the sun was out on Friday so some of it thawed.  Nick cleared the path around the house which became dry and stayed dry.  Late in the afternoon I spotted the patch of sunshine just in front of the garden shed so we decided to go with the flow and have our Fizzy Friday apéros with the sun still warm on our faces.  Too good an opportunity to miss.

We sat in the sunshine planning our trip.  Boxes are already packed with a detailed list of each one's contents.  We have to write an inventory of everything we intend to take to France now or within the next twelve months.  This is our one chance to take things that we can otherwise no longer take as visitors (post Brexit) because we are going to live there rather than just stay in our second home.  Things like furniture, household items other stuff that is over and above the modest value of "personal items".  Not that we need much as the house is already equipped with everything we need, but we might as well take the couple of bookcases that were my dad's as we can certainly find a place for them.  Plus all the spare bedding, linen and other bits and pieces.  We just need to list them.

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