5 March 2023



I don't know where we got it or how.
Maybe shopping in Meadowhall on Tuesday when we went to M&S for new underwear. (His - worn out.  Mine - too big now.)
Or maybe at the car place on Wednesday when we thought we might buy a UK car with the proceeds from the sale of the Mazda, one that would be easier to convert to French plates, ie without the fancy headlights.
The buyer of the Mazda seems to have gone very quiet, which is worrying.  It’s a garage in Glasgow and they are not returning our calls.  We are bracing ourselves for the possibility that the sale might fall through, which will be a bugger, to say the least.  Scuse my French.
Further research tells us that buying a different UK car is a non starter, because we would be stung for the VAT and duty on a vehicle we had owned for less than six months before moving to France. So it looks like we might end up having to leave the Mazda in the UK while we take the Peugeot to France after all, unless we delay our travel again and have another go at selling it.
Nick has the symptoms of a mild cold.  I have the humdinger of a sore throat, can't speak or swallow. So much for those who said they don’t know what the fuss is all about, there’s nothing to it.  I haven’t been this poorly for years.  Goodness only knows what might have happened without the multiple vaccines and boosters.
Our original plan was that we would be going to France next week.  The car conundrum has delayed that for a week (could be more) which is just as well.  I am in no condition to do all the packing up required, or at least my share of it.
I wouldn’t want to catch this disease again.  It’s horrible.


  1. Oh poor you both... best wishes for a speedy recovery.... we are about to hit a couple of weeks of grotty weather anyway, so you won't miss much.
    Leave the Mazda, use the Puggy, get a new car here and return the Puggy to the UK.... it will be by far the simplest.

    1. Thanks Tim, the weather is always a bit of a gamble at this time of year.

  2. Oh no! Ken and I had nasty colds a couple of weeks ago. Your throat symptoms sound a lot like what I had. There was no fever, and Ked did the covid self-test which came out negative. Get well soon!

  3. So sorry to see/hear about your catching IT. Knock on wood, I've not gotten sick. However, even though most everybody I know has discarded the mask, I continue to wear mine in all enclosed places (stores, banks, movies, etc) and on public transportation. I hope it's not forever...
    Hope you are well soon and on your way back to France in the old car.

    1. We were the only people we know who hadn't caught it....until last week!