14 August 2011


My mischievous attempts to throw you clever people off the scent worked. 

Those who guessed it was a door bell were right.  It seems to be an empty doorbell casing where the push button is missing.  I spotted it on my doorknocker photo shoot tour of Chinon.


I thought it was a shame that someone had ruined what probably was quite a handsome door by mounting a regulation letter box in the middle.


  1. Sorry, but France is not the only place that aesthetics are disregarded in this way. I can still remember being deeply shocked when we first arrived in the UK by how many British buildings had unsympathetically retrofitted plumbing and drainage pipes and electrical cables.

  2. Slow in catching up. Beautiful door; definitely needs a good doorbell.

  3. Susan - living in a part of the UK which is not noted for tremendously good taste and civic pride, I always find it faintly disappointing when I see abuse of lovely old properties in France, illogical though it may be.

    Mind you, you can't help but admire the French for their frugalness. The door of the house adjacent to ours is quite clearly repaired with the lid of a sardine tin. It's cute in a way !!

  4. It's a little known fact that (and not a lot of people know this), modern French Doorbell Casings are, in fact, modeled on Medieval Boob Rests for Weary Maidens!

    Thus, the slight (and regrettable) confusion on my part...

    All the best


  5. Aha so the two little holes at the back did exist LOL Diane