13 August 2011



Any idea what this is?

I’m not giving any clues ………. bon weekend !!!


  1. A medieval Boob Rest for weary maidens?

    Was it the right height and size for that?

    All the best


  2. Hi Jean,
    I love these puzzles, but I'm afraid I haven't any idea what it could be - I can't even come up with a witty suggestion!

  3. My immediate thought was an entry buzzer that has lost its press button.

  4. I have to go along with Susan as it looks like there are two holes at the back as if it is electrical. Tried to blow the picture but it does not work! Maybe Kieth is right after all LOL Diane

  5. I'm trying to figure out whether this 'thing' is concave or convex. Because that would make a lot of difference as to its use. Having said this, I don't have a clue, except peut-être a door bell; like Susan said. Martine

  6. I would agree with the others its an old bell pull for a door bell. C

  7. My first thought was a broken doorbell too. But I wonder if in fact we're seeing an overhead shot and it's the base of a fountain (where the water comes out)?

  8. Keith - good try but definitely wrong!

    Gaynor - so long as it amuses you, that's ok!

    Susan - it's certainly a possibility, so long as you are seeing it as vertical, not horizontal.

    Diane - see above !!

    Martine - if it were convex, that would blow the most popular theory so far out of the water !!

    Colin - it might be, if it were vertical !!

    Craig - a bit of lateral thinking, at last !!

  9. Darn - I nearly added 'assuming it is vertical', but since I didn't have any clue as to what it might be horizontally I left it. Well done Craig!

  10. Can't match Keith's wit. I was going to say a bell pull, assuming, like Susan, it was vertical but now I'm wondering if it is a ceiling rose from which hung a lamp??...

  11. Does a door open in that direction with the doorknob settling comfortably into the depression and thereby protecting the pristine stucco wall? I can't for the truth. (I THINK I can handle the truth...)

  12. It's not overhead because there is a mortar joint. It's more likely to be a wall as the render is crumbling...you wouldn't get that on the ground. So, the obvious answer is that I haven't the faintest idea beyond it being a bell. I hope you know the answer, Jean...and that you will tell us the answer.