10 August 2011


motor museum2

We had a lovely couple of hours in the “Musée auto, moto, vélo” in Chatellerault last month.

motor museum1

It is in some kind of old an old arms factory premises* down by the river. You can’t miss it – just look for the two magnificent chimneys outside.

(*Thanks to Susan for this info.)

motor museum19

motor museum3

Inside there is everything from the original penny farthing, through the first motorised cars and cycles to more familiar two, three or four-wheeled vehicles most of us will have seen on our roads.

motor museum4 motor museum6 motor museum5

motor museum17

motor museum8

There is something for everyone with an interest in cars or bikes, all beautifully displayed, with old garage workshops, videos and posters. All for a modest entrance fee.

motor museum7 motor museum10 motor museum11 motor museum12 motor museum13 motor museum14 motor museum16

motor museum9

Quite a bit of space was dedicated, as you would expect, to the 2CV. However, I was more interested in the displays of something having a big birthday this year.

The Renault 4 is 50 years old.

motor museum18

The bottom one was just like mine !! Or at least the one I had in the 1970’s. I didn’t check if its starting handle was just as well used !!


  1. "Been there - Done that"
    Fantastic museum and hope to return again some time.
    Thanks for the memories and it will be posted on our blog sometime in the future.

  2. That looks like just my cup of tea - really good.
    I love the old building and double chimney stacks too!

  3. Yet another visit to add to the list Jean. I think if Tim were here he would put it right at the top ...

  4. What a beautiful 2CV!

    And surrounded by pretty girls!

    All the best


    P.S. Renault 4s are pretty cool as well - generally I find that the yellow ones go fastest with the blue ones not far behind them?

  5. The building is the old arms factory. The site started as a sword factory but switched to rifles when the army did.

  6. Delightful photo collection, Jean. Someone has taken real care of those bikes, cars and the like. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Aha, a place that we both would love to see. Added to our list. Thanks so much for sharing this one with us. Diane xx

  8. I went to a similar musee in Germany a few years ago. From your pictures I think I would prefer the one you viited especailly with all the bikes and 2CVs. Fab! loved the petrol pump. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Leon - there's more to come, too!

    Craig - it's hard to see how most people wouldn't love it but there were only four people in it when we were there and two of them were us!

    Gaynor - Tim obviously has good taste!

    Keith - watch this space......!!

    Susan - thanks!! I knew someone would know what it was.......Nick said there was a display in the entrance hall about it but I confess I only had eyes for the Renault 4's.

    Rob - you're welcome, thanks for enjoying it.

    Diane - it's quite a distance from you but it would be worth it for a day out. Chatellerault has plenty of good places for lunch, too.

    Phil - being ageing bikers and complete saddos we have visited scores of motor museums in several different countries and I have to say, this was the best so far.