3 June 2013


There is often so much going on around and about at the weekend in our little corner of France that it is hard to decide what to do. 


Last weekend we plumped for the winetasting event at Bourgueil.  We like the Bourgueil wines and it was a nice sunny day so off we went to the Place des Halles to see what was going on.

 winetasting2 winetasting3 

The venue was almost open air – the uncovered archways led directly onto the street – which produced a nice, relaxed atmosphere.  There was obviously a lot of serious tasting going on but we were there just for fun.  The accordion player added to the ambience.


Not all of the vignerons were busy all of the time, so this lady brought something with her to pass the time !!


Nick did most of our tasting.  (I was driving.)  We bumped into Jim Budd of Jim’s Loire, who shared a couple of his recommendations.

winetasting4 These sweet wines from Domaine de Juchepie were among our favourites.  Mind you, all the wines tasted good once we had tried a few !!


winetasting8The town of Bourgueil was all dressed up for the occasion and in fact there were two events taking place.  A bit further up the road, in a park was something called the “fête de la nature”.


We have been to so many things like this in France, wandering around for free, looking at all the stalls and coming away without a clue what it was all about.


There were bits of plants and fir cones on display.

 winetasting9a  winetasting9b winetasting9c

There were fancy swans, and geese standing on one leg.  I think they might have been some of the regular inhabitants of the park.


winetasting9e There were baby rabbits and ducklings for children to stroke, prod and generally annoy.  Also baby pigs, deer, goats and chickens, all looking pretty fed up with the attention.


Then a man came out and played a violin on the steps at the entrance.  He played rather well but we had no idea what it had to do with fir cones and baby animals.

All very strange, but most enjoyable.  I like the weekends in France. You just never know what you’re letting yourself in for !!


  1. A light and delightful time. And so, well, um, "civilized." Relaxed and friendly-looking. Thanks for taking us on your visit.

    I was going to ask what Lulu thought of the event, but it doesn't appear she attended. Sadly.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting, Life in the Urban Forest (poetry).

    1. Bear, we were not sure how welcome dogs would be and it was too warm to leave her in the car so she stayed at home.
      She's perfectly happy and safe there and is usually asleep on the sofa when we return, suggesting she's been there all day !!

  2. Sounds wonderful...
    and the violinist?
    Well... in this part of France...
    expect the unexpected... and enjoy!!

  3. Wine tasting with Tim is rather a one-sided event. It's good that I never have to worry about driving, but then a second opinion is very useful.

    1. I think I would rather be the one that gets to taste the wine.......practice makes perfect !!

  4. When things calm down here I would like to go out and about to share our local region's activities. But for the moment, we stay put and enjoy what we have, and let people come to us!

  5. funny, about those pine cones.

  6. He is a very handsome man that man of yours Jean. Always with a smile on his face - or was it just a result of much wine tasting.
    It looks like you both had a very enjoyable day.

  7. Thank you for giving a picture of the great things to do in that part of France. I am looking forward to partaking in all that is on offer in a few weeks. The photos that France is warming up for the big summer party. And I am there ready and willing!

  8. What a great day. The setting for the wine tasting is wonderful and that town is so inviting.