1 March 2022


Is it just me or do others find adverts splattered all over blog posts annoying?  Especially over blogs dedicated to cooking?  Some really nice blogs are blighted by adverts.

This advert appeared in a blog post with a recipe I was interested in.
I didn't get past the advert to look at the recipe.
(I used my new skill at taking screenshots for this picture !!)

It’s especially annoying if an advert obscures part of the text, which seems to happen frequently.  In one of the blogs I try to read an advert is always placed over the list of ingredients.  I can get round this by using the "reader view" on my iPad but on other blogs the reader view omits either the ingredients or the method, so that I’m obliged to battle through all the adverts for ear wax removal or oven cleaners to see them.  No thanks!

It’s really annoying if I’m reading on my iPad and accidentally click on an advert which loads something that I have no interest in whatsoever and then have to go about getting rid of it.  More often than not I give up on the blog as well.  Those jumping images and mini video clips are too distracting.

The economics of it are curious.  I wonder how many sales results from these annoying adverts and how much income for the blog?  Presumably quite a lot or nobody would risk losing frustrated readers like me by doing it! 

Oh for the days when if I wanted to buy anything I would get the bus into town and walk down the high street to find it.  Window shopping along the way, popping into the café to enjoy a coffee and an eccles cake before getting the bus back home.  Being constantly bombarded with adverts for stuff I'm never going to need will never compare to that!  Hey ho!


  1. So far as I know, the income generated from ads for the blogger is very little, and they have very little (although some) control over what appears. I think they have very little idea how irritating they are to readers. Many newspapers and certain blogs are virtually unreadable due to the ads. I use an adblocker, and will grudgingly unblock a site if it requires it, but if that then makes a site unreadable, they've lost me.

    1. Susan, I'm glad it's not just me that finds it annoying!

  2. That advert you’ve screenshot keeps appearing on a number of sites I’ve visited (not all blogs). Frankly I find the earwax picture so disgusting, I move elsewhere immediately.

    1. I know, it's horrible! Imagine it in the middle of a recipe for cake.......yuk !!!