15 December 2022



(Two months in one post as otherwise I shall run out of time!) 

We walked Hugo more often at the Park at Darley Dale.  The paths are good underfoot, much less muddy than in our nearby woods and Hugo loves the ducks!

Our nephew's fiancee asked me to make some jewellery for her to wear on their wedding day in February.  I rustled up a few designs for her to choose from and she looked beautiful on the day.

She also asked me to make a cake for the evening "do".  I panicked when I thought she meant the actual wedding cake but luckily it was something much more modest that she had in mind.

We treated ourselves to an air fryer.  It has taken some getting used to but when it's used it's excellent.

By the end of February we were well on the way with our plans for the return to France.  Having spent many days compiling the paperwork we drove the forty miles to Salford, which took two hours in horrible weather, to make our visa application.  Then two hours back again!  

Cursing the nonsense of Brexit we cheered ourselves up with afternoon tea at the New Bath Hotel in Matlock Bath; a gift from my friend for my 70th birthday the previous year.
It would not be too long now before we would be back in France.


  1. Do either of them play a large clarinet by any chance?

    1. They both play a number of instruments. The clarinet is hers, I think.