19 December 2022



June was hot and dry.  There had been no rain for weeks.
The garden was suffering.  Our tomato plants were not thriving but we managed to grow a few flowers.

Less than 24 hours after I arrived back in the UK Dad had a fall in the early hours of the morning and was admitted to hospital.  After two weeks of hospital visiting and negotiating with doctors, nurses and social workers for Dad's care, my brother suggested I returned to France, leaving him to keep an eye on things.

Back in France the harvest was in full swing.  It was a hot and dusty affair.

I was uneasy and convinced I would not be in France for long so we had a kind of holiday, visiting many of our favourite places, including Angles sur L'Anglin.

Another brocante and more old stuff.
The three tier stand is made of cast iron, painted.  The little door hook was later put to good use in the house.  The tiny dishes have been added to my collection for apéros with friends and the multi coloured ramekins are the perfect size for Daisy's daily treat of "mouse" - titbits of raw meat.

We ate outdoors all the time and made good use of the bbq whilst waiting for news.

After just one week the hospital phoned to say that Dad was being transferred to a care home.  I flew back to the UK the next day.

In my absence, Nick took Daisy to the vet for the operation to remove the tumour from her face.  They were both very brave.

Dad was transferred to a care home where he lived for just one more week.
He died on 2nd July, just a few months short of his 94th brthday.

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