20 December 2022



I had only spent one week of June in France.  We didn't get back again until the last week of July, arriving at the tail end of yet another heat wave.  

Even in the UK my trusty old Peugeot told me that it hit 42°C, unheard of in Derbyshire. 

It felt really good to be back.
Daisy decided that her favourite chair was one of the new ones.

She was recovering well from her operation, although the ability to close her left eye was slow to come back.

We spent many an evening just sitting, enjoying the peace and quiet, reflecting on the year so far and planning how we would spend the rest of our time there.

We were allowed to spend a total of 180 days in France and because I had spent so much time back in the UK, we were out of step.  Nick would run out of days well before I did.

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